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  • Ashley Myers

What Does Active Aging Mean?

The term “active aging” refers to the process of seniors staying engaged and physically active as they age. Active aging has many benefits, both mental and physical. It can help seniors stay independent and healthy, and often requires less assistance from health care professionals and social service providers.

There are many ways for seniors to stay active. Some popular activities include walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi, gardening, and dancing. Staying socially engaged is also important for active aging. Seniors can volunteer their time, join social clubs or groups, participate in community events, or simply spend time with family and friends.

Stay tuned next week when we discuss the benefits of active aging and how you can get started on your own journey to better health. Aging doesn’t have to mean a decline in health – in fact, it can be quite the opposite! With a little effort, anyone can enjoy the many benefits that come with staying active as they age.

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