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Janet P. - Bedford


My health took a turn for the worst and had to have surgery quite quickly. I live alone and was overwhelmed with how I was going to cope day to day. I feel so lucky to have been given Remember When’s information from one of my friends. Their caregivers were fantastic, they helped me prepare for my surgery, they took me to the hospital and picked me up when I was discharged, and they had my house ready for me when I got home. It has been such a relief to know that I had people to rely on. Thank you!

Caroline S - Ontario


My mother was diagnosed with dementia after an injury and a lengthy hospital stay. My sister and myself both live in Ontario and were unable to come home to help due to Covid.  We reached out to Remember When because we heard that they have specialized caregivers that have dementia care training and they didn’t let us down. My mother, who is historically extremely difficult to deal with, developed a very close bond with her caregiver. She was able to get out and about more in her final days than in previous years. We can not thank Remember When enough for giving my mom such wonderful experiences before she passed.


Gary W. - Halifax


My dad was struggling going in and out of the hospital frequently due to things that were entirely preventable. Since contacting RW our lives have changed, there are no longer emergency trips to the ER because he forgot his insulin, or UTIs due to dehydration. Keep up the good work!

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