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  • Ashley Myers

Aging In Place: Home Accessibility

It’s never too late to begin planning for our futures, no matter what that might look like. For some of us it could mean starting an educational fund for our children; for others it could mean setting aside some money over the years to plan for retirement; but what about when you want to invest in your own comfort?

Studies have indicated that there is a significant correlation between familiar surroundings and cognitive health in seniors. And with the ever increasing shortage of assisted living facilities and complexes, people are starting to convert their current homes to suite their needs as they age.

Let’s look at a few simple ways in which you can start getting your home ready for the next chapter in your life.

· Balance is everything – Installing a grip-bar in the shower is a relatively inexpensive home improvement that can dramatically reduce the chances of accidents in the shower (which are statistically one of the most common occurrences to happen in the home).

· Comfortable Climate – Another inexpensive retrofit you can do to your home is to install (or have someone install for you) a programmable thermostat. This will ensure you’re at a constant ambient temperature inside, without running a risk of wasted electricity/utilities.

· Easy Access – One of the simplest things you can do in your home is to make things easily accessible. Another very common reason for injuries comes in the form of someone tripping and/or losing their footing trying to get at something they may use multiple times a day (think of a lamp switch). By ensuring these everyday items are easily accessible, you can mitigate any potential hazard they may occur.

These are just a few examples of simple and inexpensive updates you can do to your home starting today. Planning for your next stage of life can be tedious, a bit overwhelming, and frankly just not that fun. But when you change your outlook on these updates to reflect investing in yourself; your own future comfort in familiar surroundings; you may just find yourself excited to get started. If you choose to age in place Remember When Homecare is here for you. Our caregivers work around the clock to make sure you or your loved ones are well taken care of.

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