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12 Days of Christmas with Remember When Homecare

On the fifth day of Christmas with Remember When Homecare it’s Arts’s Night! For people who have always had a passion for art, being retired can create the opportunity to allow your creative side to go wild and start creating what they love. Taking up a hobby like painting suddenly fills your days and evenings with a hobby that stimulates your imagination and creativity! Finding an artistic pursuit such as painting, writing, or sculpture can have some incredible benefits for seniors. This Christmas, gift your loved one with a paint night that you could do together, take them to a sculpting class, or maybe sign up for a creative writing class. Whatever your aging loved one has the most interest in, give it a shot, as it will have a huge benefit on their health and happiness.

Benefits of Art for seniors:

Reduces loneliness and boredom; often as we age, we become more secluded, so starting a new hobby such as painting, or writing will get you out of the house and meeting new people with similar interests. It can be quite a social event, and socialization is proven to reduce anxiety and depression. Time with friends, a few good laughs and some great conversation does anyone the world of good.

For those who have Dementia; art has been proven to help with sensory stimulation and improves cognitive function. It can also have a relaxing effect on those who suffer with anxiety or depression derived from Dementia.

This Christmas if you are looking for a gift, book a paint night with Sandra MacDonald in Halifax, Paint Night Art Fun Sandra - Sandra MacDonald. Bring your own bubble or just go on your own, but you can’t go wrong with an evening like that with your loved ones.

Remember When Homecare


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