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Staying Healthy & Safe This Autumn

As autumn leaves start to fall and the air turns crisp, older adults face seasonal challenges to their health. The cold and flu season is just getting started, and there are other cold-weather threats to a senior’s health and safety that can be minimized by following a few basic guidelines.

Some simple tips for seniors to stay healthy and safe this autumn include:

-Wash your hands regularly and often, especially before eating or preparing food.

-Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

-Stay warm indoors and dress in layers when going outdoors.

-Be sure to get the flu vaccine every year.

-Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.

- Eat healthy foods and get regular exercise.

While we can’t control the weather, there are things we can do to stay safe during autumn. Follow these tips and be sure to share them with your loved ones as well. Stay safe and enjoy the fall season!

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