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Reducing Loneliness During the Holidays for Seniors

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

The holidays can be an especially lonely time of year for many seniors. With family members often spread out across the country, and public health restrictions limiting in-person gatherings, isolation is a very real risk for older adults during this special time of year. Fortunately, there are some simple measures to help reduce loneliness for seniors over the holidays.

Connecting with Family and Friends Over Video Calls

Video calls are a wonderful way to connect seniors with their loved ones during the holidays. Using video call services such as Skype, Facetime, or Zoom can allow seniors to feel like they’re in the same room as their family and friends no matter how far apart they may be. Plus, these services are incredibly easy to use—all that’s required is a device with a camera (such as a smartphone or laptop) and an internet connection!

Organizing Virtual Gatherings

If there are multiple family members who live far away from each other, organizing virtual gatherings can be a great way to bring everyone together without having to worry about travel or large crowds. Companies such as Houseparty offer great features like group chat rooms where up to 8 people can join together virtually and play games or just share stories and enjoy each other’s company. There are also plenty of other video conferencing solutions available online that make it simple to organize virtual gatherings on short notice if desired.

Finding Online Activities for Seniors

Seniors who prefer not to connect with family or friends over video calls can find plenty of online activities designed specifically for them. There are many websites dedicated to providing resources and activities for senior citizens that focus on topics such as health, finance, entertainment, technology, and more. These websites often provide links directly to different activities that seniors can participate in from home during the holidays (and throughout the year). Such activities could include online classes about art history or even things like virtual yoga classes!

The holidays don’t have to be lonely times for seniors—with the right resources and support systems in place, it’s possible for older adults to stay connected with their loved ones no matter where they live. Whether it’s by hosting virtual gatherings or finding online activities geared towards senior citizens, there are plenty of ways that families can help reduce loneliness during this special time of year!

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