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November Nutrition: Benefits of Calcium

November is nutrition month at Remember When Homecare. Do you ever feel like there’s a little less pep in your step? It may be because you’re lacking something in your diet. Our tastes change over time, and you may be calcium deficient and not even realize it. At Remember When Homecare all of our caregivers are certified, to ensure meal prep is nutritionally balanced with enough calcium in your diet to keep you enjoying your golden years.

Calcium is one of the most vital nutrients for our bones, muscles, and teeth. Without the proper balance of calcium in your daily diet, you run the risk of osteoporosis and muscle weakening. Fortunately both of these are preventable.

Benefits to a calcium enriched diet:

  • Strong Bones:

Maintaining strong bones greatly reduces your risk of accidental falls due to weak bones onset by osteoporosis.

  • Heart Function:

Calcium is the primary element that keeps your heart pumping.

  • Nerve Transmission:

Our nervous system sends off transmissions from the brain to our muscles. Calcium keeps those transmissions fast and efficient.

Here are some calcium enriched foods you can try adding to your diet:

Yogurt ; Milk ; Cheese ; English Muffins ; Fortified Cereals ; Turnip ; Beans ; oranges

We have included a few recipes that our caregivers at Remember When Homecare provide our clients when meal prepping for them:

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