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Client Testimonials

"Recently switched from major international provider of home care to Remember When. The difference is as night and day. My wife (dementia/Alzheimers) and I are seniors opting to remain in our home as opposed to pursuing some organized retirement facility.

For my wife, consistency is the most critical homecare parameter and Remember When strives to ensure this is maintained. She also requires fairly complex care as the disease has severely affected her motor systems, particularly the legs as she is now paraplegic. The staff provided for her care are experienced, well trained and very focused on our collective daily needs, providing just the comfortable level of support to make our home life as fulfilling as it was when we were younger.

Suffice to say we are completely happy with the services provided and would recommend this company to anyone contemplating support to maintain a satisfying lifestyle when challenged by age and/or debilitating illness."


Remember When Homecare⠀


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