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  • Ashley Myers

Aging In Place - The Right Mindset

So far in our 'Aging In Place' blog series we've touched on the topic of preparing to age in place using upgrades and renovations to your existing living environment. Another crucial variable to age in place is even more important than physical changes to adapt to our changing physical conditions; I'm talking about mental preparedness and active brain stimulation.

Research continues to emphasize the importance of cognitive stimulation (especially as we age). We can almost look at brain activity as the epicenter of our bodies, and all of our physical responses tend to be what makes our bodies succeed or diminish.

So what happens when we don't get consistent brain stimulation? Mental regression is a very real scenario in which we begin to deteriorate from the inside. Without clear concise communication from our brains to all of the receptors in our bodies, we run the risk of declining before our time.

So how do we ensure our brains are getting enough stimulation?

  • Physical activity - 20 minutes per day can be enough physical activity to get your body in balance with itself. This is not only good for brain activity, but as previously discussed it also benefits are cardiovascular system as well as our muscles and organs.

  • Proper Diet - The food we ingest is an important variable in our overall health. For more information on this topic, please visit our blog posts at

  • Companionship - All too often we dismiss the importance of companionship. Humans are social, and our brains thrive when we're able to communicate with others. This can help stimulate thought and increase cognitive abilities over time.

Preparing for our future isn't always about everything external to us, sometimes we also have to prepare ourselves internally for the changes that take place over time.

Do you feel as though you're not getting enough social engagement, or perhaps you're looking for someone to connect with that has similar interests as you but can't seem to find anybody? At Remember When Homecare we pride ourselves on pairing our trained caregivers to each client specifically based on their needs and wants. So if you'd like to re-energize your brain, and brush up on your social skills and cognitive responses, please reach out and have our industry professionals help you get to where you want to be.

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