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12 Days of Christmas with Remember When Homecare

On the fourth day of Christmas we want to acknowledge the importance of family traditions that we do each year during the holidays. Remember When Homecare is a family owned business and as such we understand the importance of upholding your traditions and also understand that as we age things can become harder to do; or that as lives progress it can become harder to bring families together over the holidays. Let us help you keep your traditions alive. If you are unable to travel or need some assistance yourself, our caregivers can help you or your loved ones.

Some of the traditions that we have done with our clients in the past include:

Making Christmas Cards:

While we now tend to send our loved ones an e-card or text message to wish them happy holidays, we forget that seniors are used to giving and receiving cards in the mail. Our caregivers have helped our clients by making and addressing cards to family members and posting them. Nothing brings a smile to someone’s face like receiving something that lets you know how much you love them in the mail. If you haven’t sent a card to your aging loved one in a while, maybe consider sending one this year and listen to the joy it brings when you receive the phone call.

Play Christmas music:

While we know that Christmas tunes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, they do bring a sense of nostalgia and joy to most. Majority of the Christmas classic songs were created in the 1940s and beyond. Music has the ability to transport people back in time, bring them back memories from a lifetime ago, which is great for everyone but especially good for those suffering from memory loss. Music will stimulate their brains and trigger memories that otherwise would have been long since forgotten. Next time you are with your loved ones, play a tune they used to love and watch their faces light up.

Decorate your house:

As we age, putting up Christmas decorations can seem laborious and especially difficult for those who suffer from mobility issues. Don’t let your loved ones go without this year. If you are unable to help, let your caregiver know where the decorations are and they can do it with your loved one. It’s amazing how just a few lights and a few little decorations can bring a sense of joy and love that you didn’t even know you were missing.

At Remember When Homecare, we want to make sure that your holidays are special no matter what your traditions might be.

Remember When Homecare


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