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  • Ashley Myers

12 Days of Christmas with Remember When Homecare

On the third day of Christmas with Remember When Homecare, it’s all about baking. Everybody loves cookies, cakes and those holiday goodies. The holidays presents the perfect opportunity to put on an apron, grab your loved ones and head into the kitchen. Select a few recipes that you used to make together, because almost every good recipe starts with “mom's favorite, or grandmas best.” Why not come together in the kitchen and help invoke a memory or two.

By getting your loved ones involved, it can make them feel as though reflexes take hold and they find themselves more mobile. So often we put our aging loved ones on the sidelines while we take the wheel; by getting them involved we are not only making them a part of something, we are stimulating their brains by asking questions, getting them to remember the recipes, or simply by getting them to help us follow the recipe by measuring the ingredients. Cognitive neurological stimulation is so important for those loved ones that are experiencing some cognitive decline.

Not great in the kitchen? Don’t worry, you can take your loved one out to get those treats. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and stop by Rousseau Chocolatier on your way home to try a few of their selection of homemade chocolates and goodies, followed by a coffee or tea to warm up before heading back home.

Remember When Homecare


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