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  • Ashley Myers

12 Days of Christmas with Remember When Homecare

On the Second Day of Christmas at Remember When Homecare it’s movie night! Whether you are watching one of the classics such as Miracle On 34th Street or every 90’s child’s favorite Home Alone, nothing feels better during the holiday season than gathering your loved ones together, cuddling in and watching a family favorite. There is something nostalgic about Christmas movies that brings a sense of togetherness, love and compassion.

If you are caring for an aging loved one who is experiencing some memory loss, by stimulating their mind [that feeling of] nostalgia can be an effective part of memory care and treatment for memory loss. While entertainment is an important part of memory care, classic movies that your loved ones may have watched as children or young adults can act as a time capsule transporting them back to the past, in doing so helping recover old memories and encouraging emotional connections from the past.

Watching movies with your family is also beneficial to memory care because it creates an atmosphere which stimulates conversation. Reminiscing over the classic movies you are watching can easily lead to conversation and sharing with others. Dementia or memory loss can create difficulties with socialization, and socialization is a critical part of memory care, it encourages a sense of belonging, improves focus and can even delay further memory loss.

Bonding over movies or shared interests can bring you closer with your loved one. The holidays are a perfect time to strengthen your bond with those around you.

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